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RATING-M for this chapter
DISCLAIMER-I do not own any thing
SUMMARY-takes place five years after Brian gave Dominic the Keys to his car. Brian had fallen for Dominic not Mia. Brian thinks his life is going great with getting married to his fiance Reggie. But things are about to hit a snag with hot dreams of another man and that other man ending up at the same hotel as Brian and Reggie. Brian doesn't know it but he has two oppitions of his new life will he take the right path?
A/N holy cow my deepest apoligizes on this very long delay. just realized the last chapter was in april of last year. life has been so rough and i havent had the will to write. was at work this week and was able to finally write a chapter. i hope the next chapter i write wont take so long.

A few days later Brian stood on the balcony of his hotel room looking down at the parking lot. It was becoming more vacant by the moment as cars headed to Race Wars.

Brian had a bruise on his chin from the heated argument with Dom in the elevator. He’d told Reggie he hadn't watched where he was going and fell down some stairs. Reggie should have been concerned about Brian, but he was more worried about the bruise still showing on Brian's face on their wedding day.

Brian had noticed earlier in the morning that a certain car  was gone. He knew that Dom probably had everyone wake up early for test drives and a good breakfast. He wished he were going too, but that was his past and he had to think about the future now.

Brian was startled by the sound of a door slamming. "Brian, could you come in here," he heard Reggie say sternly.

"Now what," Brian mumbled.

As he entered the room he saw Reggie pacing. He stopped when he noticed Brian.

"Guess who I had a nice chat with downstairs?" Reggie asked Brian.

Brian controlled his emotions, wondering if Dom had decided to tell Reggie about their past.

Before he could speak Reggie rambled on as if he’d never asked Brian the question. "I was downstairs going over wedding plans and ran into that greasemonkey Jeff."

It took a second for Brian to realize who Reggie was talking about. "You mean Jesse.”

"What ever. He was drunk."

Brian tried his best not to smile. When Jesse was nervous  about a race he'd drink too much. He could imagine that Dom was having a fit, making Leon sober Jesse up before the races started.

"So this Jesse person was congratulating me on my wedding and then he told me about your hot passionate romance with the Dom guy. By the way, Jesse was the one who said hot passionate romance." Reggie spat the last three words with a hint of venom.

Brian sighed. The past sure had a way of rearing its ugly head.
"I thought you said there had been nothing between you guys?"

Brian sat at the end of the bed, "No, Jesse told you the truth. I used to be with Dom."

"You told me you only hung with those guys due to an investigation."

"I did, but in the midst of it, Dom and I hooked up. Our relationship ended when he found out that I was undercover."

"Did you love him?"

"Yes I did."

"So after all these years are you still in love with him?"

Brian didnt know how to answer that question after seeing Dom this week and the incident in the elevator

"No. I love you and I want to marry you".

"The thing is I dont know if I can marry a man who keeps secrets and lies." Reggie then stalked out..

Brian covered his eyes with his hands. He was hating how nothing was going right.

Brian felt one of his spells coming on an he stuggled to breathe., Brian rushed over to the balcony. Gripping the railing, he closed his eyes for a moment  and let the calm breeze relax him

When he opened them he saw more cars leaving the hotel. "Screw the past" Brian said out loud and stormed out of the room


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