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This Journal is friends only. please leave a comment and I will add you back.

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Hi friend! I'm already your friend, friend, but let's be friends! FRIEND! :)

I love friend only journals. It makes me feel special that I get to read them (:

Thanks for your lovely comment about my journal, but just to let you know, I'm not so much a Smallville fan, as much as a Chloe, Lex and Davis fan, so I might make some anti-Clark, EDLois, Lana and Jimmy comments when I start ranting about the show.

If you still want to friend me, let me know and I will friend you back :):)

A day early, but...


Add me please?

*licks lips* yum thank you so much

Hi love your stories and your way of writing, please add me to your friends list, I love that way better more close to the great writers on LJ.

welcome to my journal. hope you enjoy it here

I wanna be ur friend really curious wat the journal is

I talk about what is going on with me. I rant when I'm amd or upset.

I don't know if your into MALE/MALE stories. I write thou's for QUEER AS FOLK and ATWT. If your not into those I will understand if you don't read them it won't hurt my feelings

I'm into QUEER AS FOLK I saw all the episodes I read other peoples fanfic cus I did not like how QAF ended the show plus I like how people continue the show or change it up a bit loving MATTERS OF THE HEART I'm into male/male stories

very cool. and again welcome to my journal

Hi babes, I love Matters of the Heart and can't wait to read more. Add me, pretty please 8)

weloome to my journal. I'm so happy that you love MATTERS OF THE HEART

You smell like an old lady :)



Thank you sweetie *HUGS* <3


LOL!!! Welcome :)

Happy belated birthday, dear.

I'm sorry that I'm shamefully late :(
I blame the lame RL business for it
Hope you had a great day <3

I love your icon. It's no problem you still remembered thats all that matters

Hai. I really love ur fic. Hope to read more ur writing. Please add me as ur friends. Thanks >_

I have been reading the 'Bringing you back to me' story and I am loving it. I really like that it is a different view of their story. I have also started to read the 'Taylor-Kinney Trap' as I also was a big 'QaF' fan. Thank you for these great stories.I hope that you will fried me so that I can follow all your writing.

I would. love for you to friend me enjoy reading. your. writings

Hello. I just found your fics and I REALLY love them. I would love it if you added me to your f-list, so that I don´t miss any of your updates.
Thanks :)

Hi, I just started to read some of your fics. They really are amazing.

If you can add me to your friend list =) You really would make my day.


Added you

Glad you like my docs.

Which do you read Qaf or atwt


Jeeh =)

I'm reading the Qaf right now. =)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you sweetie.

It was great talking to you on the phone.


Dear Ladynomad915,
Happy birthday I hope you are having a lovely day,
Thinking of you

I had a great day. Thank you Jenny.


Bringing Sunshine chapters?

Um how can I get access to your fics? I really want to read the other chapters of Bringing Sunshine to Pittsburgh-yes the old chapters.

I'm reading your QAF fanfictions and I love them.
I particularly like "Matters of the heart" (I just love sick/hurt Justin & protective/possessive Brian), but "Bringing Sunshine back to Pittsuburg" is great too.
Fortunately tomorrow is a holiday so I'll have the time to begin reading "The Taylor-Kinney Trap" too.
I understand that real life can make it really hard, but I reallly hope you'll keep up with your writing even in the future. I'll keep looking forward to your updates.
I've friended you, would you mind friending me back, please?
Thank you for your hard work.
Best wishes,

I love your story"Bringing you back to me".I'm hoping that you are gonna finish this.I am soooo HOOKED!!!!

I like your story, The Taylor-Kenny Trap.
When will you be updateing it


Soon as experation and muses come back been going through stuff
Glad you like the story

add me back lady :) anya1976

unfinish story

are you going to finish the Taylor-Kinney trap.


yes eventually i will. been having a lot of problems in RL and havent written in a long time. im trying to get back into writing. thank you for letting me know youe read the story


Can I be added as a friend. I like reading your qaf stories.

i have added you. thank you so much.

I havent written anything in a long time but hopfully someday will get back into my writting. I miss it a lot.


I like to read your qaf stories. Can you add me as a friend?

i added you hope you enjoy my stories.

how did you find me. havent written anything in ages sadly hope someday to get back writing and finish my storie.


Hi, could you add me as your friend? I crave LuRe fics and loved "bringing you back to me. I haven't read your QAF fics yet since I'm watching it on DVD now, but I hope to soon. I hope you get inspired to start writing again!!

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