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RATING-PG13 SUMMARY- It has been seven months since Luke's death when he comes back to town alive. Everyone is happy until they notice changes in Luke.
A/N I'm so sorry guys for the long delay. As usual the last few months have been real bad, so man;y personal problems. still have them but trying to get back into my writing.

Reid didn’t move from where he was standing.

Reid was the first to speak. “Have a nice chat with Bad Dad.”

“We came to an understanding. “he stays away from me and vice versa’


“Please Reid I don’t want to be called that. Please call me Luke.”

Reid smiled. “I like the name Luke much better than Luciano.” Reid came closer to Luke sand sat on the edge of his bed. He ran his hand through Luke’s hair. “How you feeling?”

“Much better. The headaches are finally gone and I’m no longer in pain.”

“That’s good. I’m glad,”

“Reid, I’m so sorry.”

“You have nothing to apologize for baby.”

“Yes I do. For the way I acted and treated everyone, especially you.”

Reid put a hand on Luke’s cheek. Luke leaned into it. Reid let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding. He was relieved that Luke still liked his touch.

“Listen to me. What happened was not your fault. None of it. Blame that homophobic father of yours

“I just feel like I’m part of this.”

“ You’re not and I’ll spend the rest of my life convincing you that you never did anything wrong.”

“Everyone must hate me.”

“No Luke they never hated you. We were all worried and anxious to have you back to us.

Luke smiled. “You’re the one who broke the spell.”

Yes I brought you back to me and I’m never letting you go again.” Reid leaned in and kissed Luke. Luke ran his hands through Reid’s hair. The kiss turned steamy and eventually Reid pulled away, breathing heavily.

“I don’t think making out is what the doctor ordered,” Luke laughed.

“No it isn’t, but I’ll make sure you have a daily dose of it when you’re fully recovered.”

Luke went from smiling to serious. “Reid will you hold me? Right now I just want to be held.”

Reid slipped under the covers and did his best to be comfortable in the small hospital bed with Luke. They wrapped their arms around each other with Luke’s head against Reid’s chest.

Reid was stroking Luke’s hair, when he felt him shaking. He held Luke tighter. “Let go , just let go. I’m here.”

Luke started sobbing. Reid rocked him back and forth and rested his head on top of Luke’s. Reid knew that Luke needed to get it out of his system and work through the last several months before he could finally start to heal.

The next morning Lily and Holden quietly walked into Luke’s hospital room. They’d called earlier in the morning to inquire about his condition. Gretchen told them he was awake and making progress, oh and Reid was asleep with him in his bed.

Lily started taking food out of a bag.

Reid was the first to wake up. Luke felt him stir. “What’s going on?” Luke asked Reid.

“Food and the good stuff, not that terrible imitation from the cafeteria.”

Reid stood up and headed to the food as Lily and Holden approached Luke’s bedside.

“Luciano I’m so sorry,” Holden apologized.

“There’s nothing to apologize for Dad. You had every right to keep me away from Mom. The things I said and did to her.” Holden smiled, finally hearing his son call him Dad again.

Luke looked over at his mom. “Mom I’m so sorry for everything. I made you sick.”

“Honey you need to understand that we don’t blame you for anything. Everything was out of control. You need to stop blaming yourself.”

Listening to Luke talk with his parents, Reid thought that Luke might need to see a therapist, but for the moment he, along with his family and friends, would do everything possible to help Luke.

Holden started to talk. “Luciano…”

“Please Dad don’t call me that. I was born Luciano Grimaldi, but I’ve lived my life as Luke Snyder and that’s who I want to be.”

Lily and Holden hugged their son, so thankful to have him back.

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Hey Lizzie, it's great to see you back. Hope things are straightening out for you and I'm so happy that you are still writing this story.

Awww for Reid...he's just wonderful with Luke, and I'm glad there was no drama with Lily and Holden, just strengthening of their bonds. Luke needs love and peace from those he loves, and it looks like he's got it!

thank you for the warm welcome honey.

This chapter was fun to write. I love how I wrote it. The part where Reid is holding Luke who is crying. Im not kidding I cryed to when I erote it and had to stop several times, and every time I rereaded it, it chocked me up. I could see it see vived in my mind

You wrote that quite vividly, and I can imagine you were very affected by it. (I know I was.) Sending you a *hug*.

I loved this! So happy that things are getting back to normal and that Luke has returned to Reid. Holding him in the bed--what a nice image!

Really hope things improve for you in RL.

thank you honey I hope RL will get better in time. Have so many other storys I need to finish.

THe part where Reid Held Luke in bed, when I wrote it, it was funny I started crying cause I could see it really well in my mind took awhile to finally finish that part. And re reading it would set off the water works again.

I don't think I remember this story. I like this chapter. I'll hunt down the other chapters this weekend!

Im glad you liked the chapter, I hope when you do get the chance you get to enjoy the whole series.

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